Family Support

TFSS offers individual support for families facing more difficult issues. Our service values diversity, and welcomes families and young people of all cultural backgrounds. Our services are available for parents and carers of dependent children aged 0-12, to assist with early intervention issues including parenting support, maintaining accommodation, and basic budgeting skills.

We provide support and advice, advocacy, information, referrals to other services and home visits in Tamworth.

We offer:

  • Individual support for your family, focused on the particular issues you have identified
  • Accredited parenting programs: Triple P, 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching. Keeping Children Safe and Engaging Adolescents
  • Skills Development Programs
  • Advice, referral and information

What we believe...

We believe that all parents want their children to grow up to be good citizens with healthy self esteem and resilience. As we work with families we are informed by these core values:

  • All people have the right to participate in decision making about their lives, the services they receive and their community.
  • All people must be treated with respect, honesty and empathy.
  • Open, inclusive and socially just communities are vital to the wellbeing of all families.

We are committed to...

  • Providing a respectful, safe and welcoming environment for people of all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Providing services appropriate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in consultation with them and Aboriginal agencies.
  • Empowering families to facilitate and sustain positive change, and helping them to help themselves.


Parenting Programs and Groups

Our group work programs are open to anyone wishing to attend; our service welcomes families and young people of all cultural backgrounds. All programs are free and are run at our centre at 62 Gunnedah Road, unless stated otherwise. Free child care and transport are available, and refreshments are provided.

The child youth and family team provide many group programs, these include:

Triple P Parenting

Triple P is a program to assist parents with strategies to manage childhood behaviour problems. This program helps develop positive and caring parent/child relationships, with strategies for dealing with common behavioural and developmental issues.

123 Magic

A simple, easy to use program to manage difficult behaviour and improve your relationship with your child. The program provides you with tools for disciplining your child without the yelling, arguing, or spanking and for parenting the obnoxious behaviours in a peaceful manner. For parents with children 2-12 years.

Engaging Adolescents

Adolescence can be a challenging time for parents and young people. Learn new skills for communicating with your child, strengthening your relationship and dealing with tough conversations for handling those problems you just can’t ignore. For parents with children aged 12-17 years.

Keeping Kids Safe

A 5 week program that offers tips for raising happy children, and creating a safe environment for your child. Other topics include how to keep your child safe from abuse, and the effects of abuse on children.

Healthy Home, Happy Family

Learn tips to keep the kids amused at our one off craft and play sessions, or participate in longer programs covering issues such as budgeting, health and safety, home organisation, nutrition and exercise and more!

The Incredible Years

A 8 week program that aims to prevent and treat young children’s behaviour problems and promote their social, emotional & academic skills.

Black Box

Black Box is aimed at Parents who have experienced trauma and introduces child lead play to improve parent/child relationships. The Black Box uses the metaphor that like an aeroplane we each have a black box that contains all our experiences and what is in our black box determines how we interpret things around us and how this effects our parenting. It categorises our emotions and capacity to be rational into Green Zone, Yellow Zone and Red Zone. Based on what zones our children are in it suggests different discipline strategies. 

Fun Friends

The Fun Friends Program was developed to help guide the social and emotional development of children aged 4 to 7 by using fun, play-based group activities. Fun Friends nurtures the child’s development by teaching them to engage resilience early on, encouraging them to thrive and smoothly transition into school life.

Friends for Life

Children age 8-11

Friends for Life is a social skills and resilience building program to prevent anxiety for children aged 8-11. It is proven to reduce anxiety and provide participants with the tools to rise to life’s challenges, and make the most of setbacks and adversity. Friends for Life also improves participants’ social and emotional skills, ability to focus, confidence, and the capacity to relax and regulate emotions

My Friends Youth

Children age 12-15

My Friends Youth is a group-based program that equips participants with the necessary tools to overcome new challenges that are commonly experienced by the 12- to 15-year old’s.

This program empowers early-teens to deal with stressful situations by normalising the state of anxiety and teaching self-regulation by the “Emotion Thermometer” concept. It also develops self-confidence by arming participants with positive and creative strategies to problem solve challenges and setbacks in every area of their lives. My Friends Youth is evidence-based and has been proven by research to decrease anxiety and depression in adolescents.

Friends - Adult resilience

The Adult Resilience program provides positive coping and resilience skills for those aged 16+. The human brain is capable of constant change and it is never too late to learn new positive skills. The Adult Resilience program is also taught to parents to increase their resilience and coping skills and ensure that the Friends “language” is be spoken at home. If the whole family participates, then everyone will flourish.

Little Wonders (formerly Young & Keen)

For parents under 21 who are expecting or have recently become first time parents. It links parents together who often feel isolated and judged. The facilitators offer information and do inidvidualised teaching for skills where parents identify having difficulties i.e. sleep and settle techniques.

The following programs can be run one to one or in a community group:


Children age 9 - 17

Kids with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. They may understand what’s expected of them but have trouble following through because they can’t sit still, pay attention, or attend to details.

Chillax is a new 6-week skill building course that aims to help young people manage their ADHD symptoms and channel them into constructive zones.

Sessions are-

  1. Cool – Understanding cool and un-cool behaviours
  2. Calm – Developing skills to self-soothe and calm down
  3. Collected – How to focus and concentrate better when doing tasks
  4. Controlled – Developing ways to control angry and violent outbursts
  5. Confidant – Developing self-efficacy skills to feel confident and competent
  6. Chillaxed – Celebrating achievement and graduation


Children age 9 - 17

RAGE is a strength based, solution focused, anger management program that is hands on, practical and also fun for kids. Parents, teachers, carers and the like have commented on how this course has helped them and their children deal with the most misunderstood human emotion, anger.

The Session themes are:

  • The Many Faces of Anger
  • The 4T’s Anger Cycle
  • Healthy Expressions of Anger
  • Getting Through the Guilt of Anger
  • Relaxation, Exercise and Diet
  • Summary, Evaluation and awards

Feeling Fantastic

Children age 9 - 17

This course aims at helping kids to understand their feelings and emotions, such as anxiety and depression and learn how to express these emotions in healthy ways as opposed to internalizing them. Other emotions such as fear, frustration, anxiety, embarrassment and feelings of depression can be the primary emotion and without this understanding and knowing how to vent these emotions in healthy ways, they can turn volatile

Sessions are:

  1. Understanding the feelings behind emotions
  2. Acknowledging that all emotions are normal
  3. Putting a name to the feelings behind the emotions
  4. Managing the thought patterns that can govern the feelings
  5. Expressing emotions in healthy ways
  6. Graduating with a transformed life

Managing the Bull 

Children age 9 - 17

Teasing, taunting and other forms of bullying can cause serious emotional harm to children that can last all throughout their lifetime and impact upon their future life goals and relationships. Ignoring or excusing the behaviour only perpetuates the situation.

Managing the Bull is a 6-week course that builds resilience in bullied children through games, activities and discussions.

In a safe, supportive environment, participants will learn to:

  • Recognize bullying
  • Discover inner strengths
  • Build self esteem
  • Communicate effectively
  • Deal with cyber-bullying
  • Build support networks
  • Use personal protection plans

Rules in Relationships

Children age 9 - 17

A 4wk course to educate and equip pre-teens and teenagers with the knowledge and skills to abstain from violence towards others in relationships (home, partners, family, etc.)