Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Commitment to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

Reconciliation Action Plan 

2014 saw TFSS'S Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) ratified by Reconciliation Australia. This was after many intense months of the RAP committee meeting and working to produce a document that we felt would demonstrate our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our community. The RAP outlines TFSS's commitment to providing improved access to our services and embracing social cohesion, diversity and equality. Our organisation was very excited when we received the news that Reconciliation Australia had approved our first plan. We worked closely with Reconciliation Australia again in 2016 and again in 2019 to produce our second and third RAP which sits proudly on their website with others who have also made this commitment.

See our current Reconciliation Action Plan here.

Our working RAP committee, which comprises staff and management committee members, now has the task of implementing the actions outlined in the RAP. During 2016-2018, the committee will be meeting regularly to ensure we are on target and doing what we said we would do.

Included in the Reconciliation Action Plan is a commitment to promote the website http://www.shareourpride.org.au/, please take the time to have a look.

For more information about our Reconciliation Action Plan, contact our RAP chair person, Sheree Allen on  6763 2331.


RAP Newsletter

Please see below the 2014-2016 RAP Newsletter. This document provides an overview of what TFSS has achieved during the 2014-2016 Innovate RAP. Thank you to all who contributed to the development of this document and a special thanks to Joanne Stead (member of the RAP Working Group and a Management Committee member) for collating the information. TFSS Management would like to publicly acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the RAP Working Group (RWG) members and thank all TFSS staff and Management Committee for supporting the development and implementation of the Innovate RAP. We are now excited to implement the 2016-2018 Innovate RAP.


2014-2016 RAP Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter