Our Story

A comprehensive history of the Family Support Program in NSW has not yet been written.  If it were it would no doubt include information on the changing nature of NSW society, the changing shape of families, the stories of the people involved with service development and their struggles, the development of their ideas and services and their relationship with families. 

The need for Family Support Services was identified and publicly debated in the late 1960's and early 1970's,  The Family Services Committee was established in 1975 to examine the needs of families in Australia, the services available and/or desirable to meet those needs, and to make recommendations regarding the role of all levels of Government and Non-Government sectors in the provision of Family Support Services.  

These services were put on the political agenda in May 1977 when the Family Services Committee presented a report to the Minister for Social Security entitles "Family and Social Services in Australia".  That report recommended,

" services should be funded which were designed to prevent family breakdown or were of a developmental nature which took account of the variety of family structures and functions".

Initially pilot schemes were funded in 1979 under the Family Support Services Scheme.  

TFSS was funded out of this scheme in 1979 as an incorporated association.  Due to the structure of TFSS and the number of employees and the wide variety of work undertaken TFSS became a company Limited by Guarantee on the 27th June 2017.