Tamworth Youth Refuge

Who Are We?

Formerly known as Tamworth Youth Care, Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service was established in the 1980’s and is a non-profit, community based organisation, currently sitting under the auspices of TFSS.

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service's main aim is to improve the range of accommodation options for Young People who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the Tamworth Local Government Area (LGA). These options are varied and include Crisis Short Term accommodation at the Youth refuge, medium to long term supported accommodation and outreach services to clients in the community to enable them to achieve independence or remain living with their families.

The Refuge is staffed by a Manager who oversees the day to day running of the refuge, Case workers, overnight workers and casual staff. 

Referrals to our service can come from service providers, family members, government organisations, Police, Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and self referrals.

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service is funded through the SHS (Specialist Homelessness Service) and managed by DCJ.

Crisis Accommodation (The Refuge)

Located at 336 Armidale Road, Tamworth, the Youth Refuge is a 24 hour service providing crisis accommodation to clients who are:

  • 16  - under 25 years who live within the Tamworth LGA, requiring emergency accommodation because they are homeless or in a crisis that puts them at risk of being homeless.   Assistance may be offered in the form of short term emergency accommodation or information and referrals to other services.

As a crisis service, young people may stay within the Youth Refuge for short periods of up to three months and work with staff to create individual case plans. Caseworkers aim to assist and support young people in the development of strategies to reduce homelessness, or the risk of homelessness, in areas such as housing, maintained tenancies, independent living skills, employment, education and personal relationships.

Early Intervention Program

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service’s Early Intervention Program provides information and advice to young people at risk of homelessness through assessment and case planning to help identify client’s strengths, risks and needs. The program also coordinates a mixture of services to meet client needs and monitor and evaluate its effectiveness. Support is generally conducted over the phone or through home visiting. 

Homelessness Prevention & Community Awareness

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service aims to aid in the prevention of homelessness by building community awareness of the issues that may contribute to a housing crisis. The service provides information about homelessness and domestic violence to the broader community and those not at risk of homelessness including families, individuals, schools and community groups. 

Case Management Post Crisis Support

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service’s Post Crisis Support program provides case managed support to young people who are at risk of homelessness. Participants of this program are not provided with supported accommodation. Young people can be referred to this program, for example, if they are in need of intensive case management in order to maintain their accommodation or they are at a crisis point and need to address the critical issues which have impacted their housing situation.

Supported Transitional Accommodation

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service may provide supported transitional accommodation within the community for eligible young people moving towards independent accommodation. Transitional accommodation may be offered for a period of up to 3 months. It is anticipated that all clients accessing transitional accommodation will participate in supported case management and will actively contribute to resolving their homelessness by finding permanent accommodation.

Supported Independent Accommodation

Tamworth Youth Homelessness Service may provide accommodation support to eligible young people seeking or living within independent accommodation. The service will provide individualised case management to assist clients in the achievement of realistic goals and strategies that will aid in securing and maintaining independent accommodation. Clients may also be provided with an assessment of individual living skills and support to build skills in identified areas of need.  


For more information, contact TFSS central intake line on:

Phone: 02 6763 2333

Free call: 1800 073 388

Email:  info[at]tfss[dot]com[dot]au