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Children's Contact Services

Currently offered in these postcode areas: 2340.

Tamworth Children's Contact Service (CCS) provides a child focused, safe and neutral space for children to have contact with the parent that they do not live with.

We can take self-referrals, family court orders, mediation agreements or parenting plans.

Each individual, including the children, are required to complete the intake process before any contact can take place. 

The aim of our service is for families to successfully develop a healthy co-parenting plan, and move into self-management. 

Participation in the service is voluntary. Both parents must be willing to participate.

For all new enquiries, please call 02 6762 9279  

This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, and is run by TFSS in a consortium with Centacare New England Northwest. 


What does intake involve?

Intake is completed when both parents agree to use the service. You and the other parent will complete:

  • A mandatory post separation course.
  • A separate and confidential risk screening questionnaire that takes about 10-15 minutes. Both parents must complete this.
  • Invited to complete separate intake interviews and orientation of the building where we can discuss your family’s individual needs.
  • Supply all requested relevant paperwork.
  • The children and the parent they live with will be invited to complete a child orientation.
  • Assessment for suitability of service.

What do the workers do?

Workers are there to ensure the children are safe and comfortable with their contact visit.
Workers write observational reports.
Workers have no decision-making authority in relation to visitation arrangements.
Workers are neutral and third party.
Workers can assist with relevant referral.

Does my child have to participate?

At CCS, the main client is the child. Workers will work with them to understand their thoughts, feelings, needs and wants and whether going ahead is agreeable by them or not.

Do I get a copy of the reports?

No. All notes are only available through a subpoena.

Why can’t I bring gifts when I want?

CCS places limits on gift giving to ensure the children do not associate coming to the centre to receive a gift, but rather, to see the parent.  

What do I do if I am unhappy with the service I have received?

Follow the instructions within the complaints and compliments policy

Why am I getting told to talk about something different by a worker during my contact?

Workers may ask you to change topics if they feel it is inappropriate to be discussing certain things; or if the child appears uncomfortable with the conversation.
Topics that are inappropriate for children can include: talking about changes to future contact arrangements, talking negatively about the other parent/persons, talking about where a child may live, go to school, talking about past negative incidents, blaming the other parent or child, guilt tripping the child, and passing notes.



Fees may apply*